Czech Republic

The Pink Crocodile School was officially opened in 2013 with a vision to provide the best possible education services for children with special needs. Pink Crocodile School was successfully registered as a Kindergarten and Elementary School for complex needs children by the Czech Ministry of Education and the Municipal office of Prague and received recognition as an exemplary education programme by the government’s school inspection.

The school is focused on education of children with severe complex needs who have difficulty fitting into the current education system in Czech Republic. This school was established based on the experience of a successful long-term once-a-weekly education programme for parents and their special needs children.

This full-time education center is available for any child of any complex needs, family, and social situation. The school offers additional supporting services, diagnostics and therapies under ‘one roof’ based on modern international models of education for children with severe complex needs.

Pink Crocodile School also provides various extensive programmes supporting the integration and inclusion of its students to mainstream society (i.e. Pink Crocodile band & theatre, art, sports). A separate international Kindergarten (Czech and English) is offered as an integration class, where both classes have the chance to interact in subjects like music, arts and sports.

Pink Crocodile School is supported by a number of international supervisors and collaborates with various international organisations.

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Pink Crocodile runs an international campaign supporting integration of children with complex needs to mainstream society called #Smile4PinkCrocodile

The Mission of the Pink Crocodile School

We believe that every child has the right to education, irrespective of its mental or physical health.

The Pink Crocodile School helps children with disabilities to overcome adversity and acquire the necessary tools and basic skills to become educated and helps improve the child’s, parents’ and caregivers quality of life.

Our aim is to ensure that our students will live as happy and fulfilling a life as their more able-bodied peers.

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